Clap Your Hands – More than Just Another Children’s Song!

First things first, this song isn’t to be confused with the Sia song from the album We are Born that was released in 2010. Although, we wouldn’t be surprised if this nursery rhyme called Clap Your Hands was the one of the inspiring factors behind it as well.

Low Popularity

If you’re a parent, you probably already know that Clap Your Hands isn’t one of those highly popular children’s songs that you see most kids grow up hearing. However, the low popularity of this song shouldn’t be mistaken for it not being a song worthy of being in the special songs collection of your kid.

In fact, it’s probably the exact opposite of that. Why? You may ask. Well, let’s find out below.

Great for Learning English

The lyrics of Clap Your Hands are very catchy and attractive; but they don’t call for the kind of useless humming that most other kids songs do.

In fact, there have been parents saying that this particular nursery rhyme has turned out to be a great resource for teaching English to their kids. It tells them what different basic but common activities are termed as in the English language, making them easier to get a better grasp of the language that has now been dominating communication on an international level since centuries.

Helps in Introducing Kids to Exercise

What’s more, the lyrics are also carefully made in a way that, if the kids listening to them actually start following them, which is something kids usually do, they would be doing some basic forms of exercise.

And we adults know how important exercise is nowadays even at earlier phases of a person’s life, so Clap Your Hands is totally something you would want your kid to get familiar with as well start following it in a practical sense.