Things You Don’t Know About “Rain Rain Go Away!”

First things first, although we are going to talk about a few interesting things you may not know about one of the best songs for kids – Rain Rain Go Away – something you may definitely know about it is that there are not many preschool songs out there more popular than it.

In other words, Rain Rain Go Away is a wildly popular children song, or rather a nursery rhyme if we are to be a bit technical here. In fact, it’s also one of the few kids video songs to have enjoyed a fair bit of popularity across the world.

Different Versions

As with most other highly popular English songs for kids out there, Rain Rain Go Away too has many different versions to boast of. However, in recent times, the version that has emerged as the most popular is the one that follows the title line (Rain Rain Go Away) with “come again another day.”

Not One of the Latest Songs!

Although the modern version of Rain Rain Go Away might trick you into believing this song was born not too long ago, you will probably be surprised to know that it’s origin actually goes as long back as the 17th century.
However, it was officially only published in the 19th century.

But that didn’t stop from many alternative versions from coming. We now have many including the “washing day”, “Midsummer day” and the list goes on.


The words that the poem consists of right now are believed to have been inspired from the rhyme and words used in the first-ever version of the song. And that version was first made by James Howell, although he didn’t get anything published so whether he can or cannot be considered the official author is up for debate.