Clap Your Hands – More than Just Another Children’s Song!

First things first, this song isn’t to be confused with the Sia song from the album We are Born that was released in 2010. Although, we wouldn’t be surprised if this nursery rhyme called Clap Your Hands was the one of the inspiring factors behind it as well.

Low Popularity

If you’re a parent, you probably already know that Clap Your Hands isn’t one of those highly popular children’s songs that you see most kids grow up hearing. However, the low popularity of this song shouldn’t be mistaken for it not being a song worthy of being in the special songs collection of your kid.

In fact, it’s probably the exact opposite of that. Why? You may ask. Well, let’s find out below.

Great for Learning English

The lyrics of Clap Your Hands are very catchy and attractive; but they don’t call for the kind of useless humming that most other kids songs do.

In fact, there have been parents saying that this particular nursery rhyme has turned out to be a great resource for teaching English to their kids. It tells them what different basic but common activities are termed as in the English language, making them easier to get a better grasp of the language that has now been dominating communication on an international level since centuries.

Helps in Introducing Kids to Exercise

What’s more, the lyrics are also carefully made in a way that, if the kids listening to them actually start following them, which is something kids usually do, they would be doing some basic forms of exercise.

And we adults know how important exercise is nowadays even at earlier phases of a person’s life, so Clap Your Hands is totally something you would want your kid to get familiar with as well start following it in a practical sense.

Things You Don’t Know About “Rain Rain Go Away!”

First things first, although we are going to talk about a few interesting things you may not know about one of the best songs for kids – Rain Rain Go Away – something you may definitely know about it is that there are not many preschool songs out there more popular than it.

In other words, Rain Rain Go Away is a wildly popular children song, or rather a nursery rhyme if we are to be a bit technical here. In fact, it’s also one of the few kids video songs to have enjoyed a fair bit of popularity across the world.

Different Versions

As with most other highly popular English songs for kids out there, Rain Rain Go Away too has many different versions to boast of. However, in recent times, the version that has emerged as the most popular is the one that follows the title line (Rain Rain Go Away) with “come again another day.”

Not One of the Latest Songs!

Although the modern version of Rain Rain Go Away might trick you into believing this song was born not too long ago, you will probably be surprised to know that it’s origin actually goes as long back as the 17th century.
However, it was officially only published in the 19th century.

But that didn’t stop from many alternative versions from coming. We now have many including the “washing day”, “Midsummer day” and the list goes on.


The words that the poem consists of right now are believed to have been inspired from the rhyme and words used in the first-ever version of the song. And that version was first made by James Howell, although he didn’t get anything published so whether he can or cannot be considered the official author is up for debate.

Pat A Cake – Another Wonderful Kid’s Rhyme

Birthdays are wonderful and memories events for children and they would like to celebrate it with lot of fun, fervor and enjoyment. However, no birthday can begin or end without certain things. It would need friends, it would need the home to be decorated, it would need lot of music and songs and also it would call for giving some gifts to the children. Last but not the least, birthdays and cakes are inseparable.

Customized birthday cakes are the order of the day. It therefore is not surprising to come across some of the best kids songs as far as birthday cakes are concerned. There are quite a few of them and each one is unique and different in its own way and has its own significance and meaning. Over the next few lines we will be looking at Pat a cake rhyme which is extremely popular. We will try and find out the central theme behind the rhyme.

It Teaches How To Make A Cake

There are dozens of varieties of cakes and it is quite obvious that children will not be aware of the same. Hence this rhyme teaches them a few things like baking a cake, writing names on it and so on. It also talks about the different types of cakes.

On the one hand you have cakes made from chocolate and from other flavors like vanilla and strawberry. It also tries and educates the children about the need to bake the cake for a certain period of time in an oven. Then the cake has to be dressed with chocolate and other delicious things.

Finally when we look at this rhyme over the last few lines we come to know that it is for a small kid by the name Bill. This perhaps explains the reason why the child wanted the cake to be inscribed with the letter B over it.

Anand Mishra – a tech visionary

Anand Mishra is no stranger to the IT industry in India. He is a self-made professional who has created his name in the IT industry in no time and at a very young age with hard work and determination. As such, he is an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs and business persons.

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Anand Mishra is known for his creativity and out-of-the-box ideas through which he has been able to accomplish so much. His company has been recognized globally as well and he now deals with global giants, providing them with digitalized solutions. He has extensive experience in his field, yet he started off from humble beginnings working as a software programmer at the age of 17. He went on to do other jobs like working at travel companies and eventually realized the importance of having an online presence for a business, which sowed the seeds for his own company – Star Infranet.

Currently, Star Infranet is one of the most popular IT companies in the whole country. Anand Mishra is known in the professional circles for his creative ideas as a true computer visionary. He has managed to accomplish all of his projects quite successfully along with his team of highly qualified individuals. His company, Star Infranet is the registered trademark of Tathastu Information Private Limited, which is a company that is privately funded by the ITV network. Anand Mishra has also supported the parent company in its growth and has worked to improve the marketing campaigns of the firm to achieve great success in the media industry.

Here’s Why Startup Investors Aren’t Investing in Your Startup

We know it can be discouraging when startup investors turn down your business plan and choose to invest in other startups. However, instead of getting disappointed due to it, try to find and work on the issues that may have led to such a lackluster response from your potential investors.

Kartikeya Sharma of India News has some great tips for how to approach the failure to raise capital for your startup.

Issues with Your Business Plan

Your business idea may be great, but it isn’t enough. Even a great idea needs to be backed by a solid business plan to appeal to potential investors.

With that said, here’s what your business plan may be lacking:

  • Realistic estimates about your potential revenues and other important numbers
  • Lack of adequate research of your market
  • Lack of information about your potential customers
  • Not being clear enough about the product or service and how it’s going to be different from the others
  • Not enough information or a poor marketing strategy to attract customers

No Investment from the Owner

Many times, startup investors are also hesitant to invest in a business where the owner or founder of the business isn’t willing to invest much himself/herself. This is because it shows the lack of confidence of the owner, which also makes the potential investors suspicious about the chances of any real success of the startup.

No Relevant Skills or Record

While a good business idea may help arouse the interest of potential investors, you will have to have something more reliable to show to take it forward.

And this is usually in the form of relevant skills or a career record that makes the investors feel that you will be an ideal person to lead the business.