Anand Mishra – a tech visionary

Anand Mishra is no stranger to the IT industry in India. He is a self-made professional who has created his name in the IT industry in no time and at a very young age with hard work and determination. As such, he is an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs and business persons.

Anand Mishra is the CEO and founder of the company Star Infranet, which provides web designing and online solutions to businesses in India. Anand Mishra is known to be a visionary and currently leads a team of over 10,000 employees whom he believes are the strength of the company. He considers them an important pillar of his company and constantly attributes his success to them.

Anand Mishra is known for his creativity and out-of-the-box ideas through which he has been able to accomplish so much. His company has been recognized globally as well and he now deals with global giants, providing them with digitalized solutions. He has extensive experience in his field, yet he started off from humble beginnings working as a software programmer at the age of 17. He went on to do other jobs like working at travel companies and eventually realized the importance of having an online presence for a business, which sowed the seeds for his own company – Star Infranet.

Currently, Star Infranet is one of the most popular IT companies in the whole country. Anand Mishra is known in the professional circles for his creative ideas as a true computer visionary. He has managed to accomplish all of his projects quite successfully along with his team of highly qualified individuals. His company, Star Infranet is the registered trademark of Tathastu Information Private Limited, which is a company that is privately funded by the ITV network. Anand Mishra has also supported the parent company in its growth and has worked to improve the marketing campaigns of the firm to achieve great success in the media industry.

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